I've gotta feeling...

For most Wildcat games, I have two different organs I use to determine who is going to win.  First, I use my brain.  I look at the stats, the way the team has played to this point, and compare it to the opponent.  Using this highly scientific formula, I then come up with a logical determination of who will win any given game. Next, I look to my heart, which invariably tells me that K-State will win every game they ever play, so why am I even bothering with the formulas?

This often leads me to the dichotomous situation where I think we will lose a game but still believe we will win it.

There is a third organ that I use to determine games, but it only speaks to me on occasion: my gut.  There have been only a handful of games that I have had this 'feeling' for, but my record is pretty good.  Let's begin with the best example, the 2003 Big XII Championship.  Everyone and their uncle was having spastic orgasms over OU and Jason White, quite possibly the greatest collection of talent since Alexander conquered the known world.  But, I had a feeling that we were going to win, despite loads of contradicting evidence. Naturally we went on to win that game in glorious fashion, therefore vindicating my pre-game emotions.

It cuts both ways.  The next time I got the feeling was after we beat Texas under Ron Prince his first year.  We traveled to Lawrence, and for once my brain and heart were in agreement; we were going to win this thing hands down.  But my gut disagreed.  This was before Prince had established that he was inconsistent, but my gut already knew.  We went on, of course, to lose the damn game.

So that leads us to tonight.  My brain and my heart are split.  They disagree on the outcome.  My brain says we'll lose, and my heart says we'll win.  Who to believe?  Luckily, my gut has decided to chime in again.

But I don't want to to spoil it for you guys.  I shouldn't ruin the game for you because of my wonderfully predictive gut.  You will just have to watch the game and enjoy the ups and downs as you normally would.

All I'm gonna say is:

Tonight's gonna be a good night.  Tonight's gonna be a good, good night.


Forward, into battle.

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