Week 8 Big XII Power Rankings

Lots of shake-up in my rankings this week.  What's that you say?  I have no previous rankings to shake-up?

(frantically searching for other cliched beginning to rankings article)

After last week, it's time to throw out the previous power rankings and start from scratch.

Not sure this is necessary, but rankings after the jump.

1. Missouri | 7-0 | 3-0

I know it was a home game, and I know Bob Stoops is a douche, but beating the previously number one ranked team in the nation and being the only undefeated team is a pretty good argument to debut at the top of the standings.

2. Oklahoma | 6-1 | 2-1

I know they lost to Missouri, and I know that Bob Stoops is a douche, but they only have one loss and it is to the only Big XII team with an unblemished record.

3. Kansas State | 5-2 | 2-2

Hmm? What's that you say?  We lost to Baylor? Bob Stoops is a douche? Let me try again.

3. Oklahoma State | 6-1 | 2-1

What's that you say?  They lost to Nebraska?  Bob Stoops is a douche? OK, never-mind.

3. Nebraska | 6-1 | 2-1

Third times a charm, as they say.  Obviously, Nebraska should be much higher.  I mean, people were actually predicting ridiculous scores for this game, like a 51-41 victory for Nebraska.  HA!  There is no way Nebraska's defense would ever give up that many points!  What's that you say?  That was the actual score?  OK, moving on.

4. Oklahoma State | 6-1 | 2-1

Well, this certainly makes me feel better for the homecoming game.  I mean, we held Nebraska to only 48 points, so obviously we are going to DESTROY the Cowboys.

5. Baylor | 6-2 | 3-1

Congratulations.  You're Bowl-Eligible.  Act like you've been there.  Oh, wait, you haven't...

6. Kansas State | 5-2 | 2-2

Finally! Bowl-Eligibility! Woot!  Wait, what's that you say? Too many "What's that you say?" jokes?  Fine, have it your way.  I'm nothing if not accommodating.

I will apologize for my obvious homerism here.  I mean, obviously Iowa State and Texas should be ranked above us, because we beat Iowa State head-to-head, but they just beat Texas, who lost to UCLA, who we beat...

7. Iowa State | 4-4 | 2-2

This win is looking better and better each week. Except for last week.

8. Texas | 4-3 | 2-2

I always like to see Texas lose, unless they are beating Nebraska.  Or KU.  I just wish there was a way they could both lose so that I could be doubly happy.

9. Texas Tech | 4-3 | 2-3

Why couldn't you just lose to Baylor?  That way KSU wouldn't have to be on the wrong end of 17 years of pent-up bowl frustration. In fact, I'm moving you down for that.

9. Texas A&M | 4-3 | 1-2

You beat Kansas. You're just lucky I'm mad at Tech.

10. Texas Tech | 4-3 | 2-3

Your just rewards.

11. Colorado | 3-4 | 0-3

Enjoy the Pac-10, I'm sure you'll be much better off.

12. Kansas | 2-5 | 0-3

Just wait 'til basketball season...

13. Nebraska | 6-1 | 2-1

I know there are only 12 teams, but they deserve to be ranked last for being insufferable.  Also, I hate them. Isn't that a good enough reason?

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