A little history on why KSU's Vince Gibson was fired as football coach in 1974

Vince Gibson coached eight seasons. K-State had not won a conference game in the three years before he came in 1967, and we did not win a Big-8 game his first year, 1967. Here are the records for each of his eight seasons.

1967: 1-9

1968: 4-6

1969: 5-5

1970: 6-5 (this is the year teams went to an 11 game schedule).

1971: 5-6

1972: 3-8 (conference1-6)

1973: 5-6 (conference 2-5)

1974: 4-7 (conference 1-6)

Now, 1970 was Lynn Dickey’s senior season. Many pre-season polls picked KSU to win the Big8. It should have been our greatest year since the 1930s. We were upset in two early non-con games at Arizona State and at Kentucky. But on Oct. 3, 1970, we upset #8 ranked CU. KU was our next opponent and we were a heavy favorite. However, on the Tuesday BEFORE the KU game, the NCAA put KSU on probation for a minor recruiting violation involving a kid from New Jersey (Vince O’neil was his name) who, while KSU had recruited him, ended up going to KU, of all places. The sanctions were NO bowl eligibility or tv and a severe limit on scholarships for THREE years! And the bowl ban went into effect THAT year!. The team and fanbase was depressed and distracted. Well, KSU lost to KU that weekend. We ended up beating 17th ranked Missouri. We went into the last conference game in Lincoln ranked 20th in the nation and NU was ranked #4. If we win, we tie NU for the Big 8 title (but still would have been bowl ineligible). Now, a normal betting line would have had NU favored by 9 or 10 points, max. Well, the line moved all the way to NU favored by 18-19. Well, all the money flooded in on KSU, and of course, NU wins 51-13. The word around Manhattan was the game was clearly fixed (I am not accusing anyone associated with NU of being involved in a fix). Our starting halfback was ejected from the game on the kickoff, after he was mugged by NU players out of bounds - I was at the game as a 16 year old - I saw it!) Lynn Dickey was intercepted on two balls that clearly hit the ground before being trapped!. I am not MAKING THIS UP.

Well, I have it on good authority that Vince Gibson called the Big 8 office prior to the NU game that year and he told the office that he had it on good authority that the game was FIXED, and he asked what the F*** are you going to do about it? They said, in essence, "nothing."

Also, the word on the street is that it was NU’s Bob Devaney and MU’s Dan Devine that "turned KSU in" on the recruiting violation that got us on probation. The probation ruined Vince Gibson’s ability to recruit and it took all the steam out of his rebuilding job at K-State. The NCAA probation insured that K-State would return to its assigned role of being cannon fodder for NU and the Sooners. Gibson was fired because the alums panicked; Gibson’s magic had run out. We were not winning conference games anymore. Time to get a new coach ... we all know the drill. Gibson was a great coach. KSU should have stuck with him and let him try to rebuild after the probation. As an old guy, the little nuggets in this story explain some of the many reasons why I truly dislike the BigRed program.

See wiki link for the 1970 season:

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