K-State Slate, 9/21/09


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Austin Meek, Topeka Capital-Journal -- 3 answers, KSU vs. UCLA: Meek takes a look at the answers the game provided to his pregame questions.  Personally, I didn't think the pooch kickoff was all that bizarre, it seems to me in my failing old-age memory that Snyder used to use the high, angled kickoff to an up-man fairly regularly.  Unfortunately, this kickoff unit didn't realize that not closing off the sideline gap was a disastrous mistake.

Meek, TCJ -- Moore's gutsy game not enough: Though nobody would elaborate, apparently Josh Moore has been battling an injury all week.  It was pretty obvious he was dinged up during the game, as he limped off the field on at least one occasion.  Impressive game from the young man, given that he was playing hurt.  His interception was a thing of beauty.

Quickly: K-State felt the aura of playing in The Rose Bowl ... Meek's report card for the Wildcats looks like what Dez Briscoe is used to seeing in his real classes ... the game recap story wondered if Snyder had been holding something in reserve.  If only he had been.

Cole Manbeck, Manhattan Mercury -- Same old story for Wildcats: Manbeck hits on the frightening similarities between Saturday's game with UCLA and last week's game against Louisiana.  My only quibble is that, while we only gained 263 yards, that doesn't take into account 69 yards we lost on a handful of big plays by the UCLA defense.  For a while, it seemed like every time we got something going, we were sure to make a huge mistake and suffer a 10-yard loss.


K-State's losing streak reached three Saturday as No. 24 Baylor dropped the Wildcats, 3-1, in Waco, Texas.  Coach Suzi Fritz's club really needs to regroup soon or conference play could get ugly.  Their first chance will be this Wednesday, when 2-8 Texas Tech visits Ahearn Fieldhouse.

Men's Basketball

Over at Yahoo! Sports, Jason King has an early Big 12 power ranking.  He ranks K-State No. 4, which seems reasonable, although I'd probably switch OU at No. 3 with No. 5 Oklahoma State.  Also, as talented as Texas is supposed to be, they're going to have to "Show Me" before I rank them in the stratospheric elite with a team like KU.

The Fourum

Sorry, folks, no Fourum today.  Apparently, somebody was asleep at the switch or had a rough weekend.

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