K-State Slate: 4/16/2009



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  • Tim Griffin listed the best NFL players from each Big 12 school using the below criteria. The answer for KSU will probably surprise you.

    Players received points based on the following criteria, coming up with rankings for the 13,808 NFL players who have played since 1967:

    Super Bowl loss (1 point)
    Offensive rookie of the year (2 points)
    Defensive rookie of the year (2 points)
    Pro Bowl (2 points)
    Super Bowl win (3 points)
    AP All-Pro second team (3 points)
    AP All-Pro first team (4 points)
    AP Defensive Player of the Year (6 points)
    AP Offensive Player of the Year (6 points)
    AP Most Valuable Player (8 points)
    Hall of Famer (15 points)
  • Jeffrey Martin has a blog post about Billy Snyder being coy.
  • Kevin Haskin has a column on Brandon Banks.

Powercat_medium Message From the President

  • New University President (Thank God), Kirk Schulz, has started sending out monthly memos. He wants to foster a championship environment at KSU in both athletics and academics, and he praised our Soil Judging team for their second consecutive national title. Who knew we were so good at soil judging?
    When I was growing up, I remember the song by Queen, "We are the Champions" which was played at many sporting events. At K-State, I want us to compete for national prominence in anything possible — not just athletics. As many of you may have seen in the news media, K-State is home to the national champion Soil Judging Team — which actually defended their national title earned a year ago. Our team finished ahead of Purdue, WVU, Maryland, and Tennessee. Congratulations to our two-time national champion Soil Judging Team — let's keep the streak going and go for three in a row in 2010.

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Powercat_medium Fourum

  • Pooping in an egg carton? Why would you even do that in the first place?
    No, no, no officer, you don’t understand. There’s a difference between pooping out the window and pooping in an egg carton and throwing it out the window.
    I’m so thirsty I could drink my contact solution. I’m convinced that stuff’s just water anyway.
    This is the pistachio man calling, and I demand you hand over all pistachio nuts you might have.

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