RPI WATCH: 11/24/2009

OK, quick scheduling primer for anyone who thinks that the loss to Ole Miss was any kind of bad thing (as I saw some say on various message boards in the time period between that game and the Dayton win).

As far as the selection committee is concerned, there basically are four different outcomes you can have in any given game:

  1. Great win
  2. Solid win
  3. "Good" loss
  4. Bad loss

1 and 4 are very far apart, but the difference between 2 and 3 is fractional. A home win over, say, Valpo, doesn't do much more for you than a road loss to Kansas. Indeed, because the committee often tries to reward teams that play more difficult schedules, it can be argued that the only negative impact of the Kansas loss would be the L in the win-loss column, and the resulting effect on overall record.

Now, you can further subdivide those according to location — road (A), neutral (B) and home (C) — with road wins being the best, obviously, and road losses being the most forgivable.

By these criteria, here's what we've got so far:

  • Loyola = 2C
  • Western Illinois = 2C
  • Boston = 2B
  • Ole Miss = 3B
  • Dayton = 1B

Obviously, the goal is to rack up as many 1s and 2s as you can, and strenuously avoid 4s at all costs. If you must lose, make the losses 3s and have them away from home whenever possible.

Any damage we might suffer from the Ole Miss loss will be offset by the neutral site, the time of year and the Dayton win, which probably will carry three times as much weight as the Ole Miss loss at this time in March.

Updates from Monday's games can be found after the jump.

From here on out, I'll only report results for opponents who played the previous day, and mark them with bold.

Also, I only will update the RPI after said games, so if you see an RPI that looks outdated, that's why. Otherwise, I would have to check all 25 teams' numbers every day, and I simply don't have the time for that.

If for some reason you absolutely need to know up-to-date numbers, I get them here.

Current Kansas State RPI = 33

Current Kansas State SOS = 51

Great Wins (RPI 1-50) = Dayton

Solid Wins (RPI 51-100) = Loyola

Bad Losses (RPI 100 or greater) = none

  • Loyola (3-1) | RPI = 54: Win over Western Michigan (60-58)
  • Western Illinois (2-2) | RPI = 112
  • Boston (1-4) | RPI = 141
  • Ole Miss (4-1) | RPI = 76
  • No. 18 Dayton (2-2) | RPI = 32
  • IUPUI (4-1) | RPI = 75
  • Fort Hays State (2-0)
  • Washington State (3-0) | RPI = 140
  • Xavier (3-0) | RPI = 79
  • UNLV (3-0) | RPI = 1
  • Alabama (2-1) | RPI = 186
  • UAPB (0-3) | RPI = 166
  • Cleveland State (3-1) | RPI = 260
  • South Dakota (2-2)
  • Missouri (2-0) | RPI = 280
  • Texas A&M (3-0) | RPI = 135
  • Colorado (3-1) | RPI = 193: Loss to Gonzaga (76-72)
  • No. 3 Texas (3-0) | RPI = 71: Win over Iowa (85-60)
  • Oklahoma State (3-0) | RPI = 21
  • Baylor (4-0) | RPI = 60
  • No. 1 Kansas (3-0) | RPI = 46
  • Nebraska (2-1) | RPI = 134
  • Iowa State (4-0) | RPI = 188
  • No. 17 Oklahoma (2-1) | RPI = 65
  • Texas Tech (5-0) | RPI = 86
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