Kicking the Tires: KU

We're bringing back BOTC's completely unscientific preview -- hence, 'Kicking the Tires' -- of the Cats' next opponent.  I didn't get around to doing this before the OU game, so for that I apologize.  We should have one of these before each game the rest of the way.

Individual Leaders


Jacob Pullen, 14.3 points/game, 26 steals, 57 assists, 48 turnovers, 28.3 minutes/game

Jamar Samuels, 16 blocks, 59.8 FG%

Darren Kent, 6.3 rebounds/game

Denis Clemente, 78.8 FT%

Fred Brown, 43.2 percent three-pointers


Sherron Collins, 18.1 points/game, 78 assists, 51 turnovers,

Cole Aldrich, 42 blocks, 9.9 rebounds/game, 61.9 FG%

Tyshawn Taylor, 22 steals

Brady Morningstar, 46.2 percent three-pointers

Tyrel Reed, 87.0 FT%

Team Statistics

Scoring Offense

K-State: 79.6 ppg (6th Big 12)

KU: 79.3 ppg (7th Big 12)

Scoring Defense

K-State: 61.0 ppg (4th Big 12)

KU: 65.9 ppg (10th Big 12)


K-State: 63.2 percent (12th Big 12)

KU: 72.5 percent (3rd Big 12)


K-State: 45.0 percent (9th Big 12)

KU: 47.1 percent (6th Big 12)

FG% Defense

K-State: 38.2 percent (3rd Big 12)

KU: 38.5 percent (4th Big 12)

3-Point FG%

K-State: 35.6 percent (7th Big 12)

KU: 36.4 percent (6th Big 12)

3-Point FG% Defense

K-State: 29.4 percent (1st Big 12)

KU: 34.5 percent (10th Big 12)


K-State: 41.1 rebounds/game (1st Big 12)

KU: 39.8 rebounds/game (4th Big 12)


K-State: 15.53 assists/game (4th Big 12)

KU: 17.87 assists/game (2nd Big 12)


K-State: 7.80 steals/game (6th Big 12)

KU: 7.53 steals/game (7th Big 12)

Assist-to-Turnover Ratio

K-State: 1.13 (7th Big 12)

KU: 1.28 (3rd Big 12)

Statistically, this is a very even matchup, as you can see above.  In four of the categories examined, the two teams rank consecutively in the conference.  Unfortunately, a couple things make me less than optimistic about this game tomorrow.  First, K-State's statistics have been compiled against a schedule Ken Pomeroy ranks as the 290th most-difficult non-conference schedule, while KU has faced the 108th ranked non-conference schedule.  Pomeroy projects this as a three-point loss for the Cats, with a 37 percent chance of winning.  We've seen longer odds, but it's clear it will take an impressive effort from Frank Martin's Cats to steal this one in Lawrence.

Of course, none of that will make me hate KU any less.  Go Cats!

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