From Tim Griffin's Mailbag: Anyone Else Tired of Southerners Complaining About the Weather in Kansas City?

From Tim Griffin's mailbag today:

Korey writes: Tim, why do they play the Big 12 championship game in cold weather in Kansas City at night and they play the warmer weather SEC championship game indoors during the day in Atlanta?

Tim Griffin: It beats me. It makes perfect sense to play the Big 12 title game indoors at a place like San Antonio or St. Louis or what will be an indoor stadium in Arlington once it's finished. Bob Stoops almost came out saying that today in his press conference saying he was "cool" to the idea of playing outdoors. But Stoops didn't say he had an ideal location to play the game.

But if it's raining and snowing Saturday night, I'm betting he'll have a lot more to say about the notion of playing the biggest conference game of the season in the elements.


If the question had been posed to me, my answer would likely have gone as follows:

TB: Because football is an outdoor game!  You don't say where you're from, but I'm going to go ahead and guess you live south of the Mason-Dixon line if you're complaining about a game being played in cold weather.  Have you people forgotten that both teams are outside playing in the same weather?  It's not like one of them is indoors, nice and toasty in a controlled-climate environment, while the other is outside where it's below freezing and snowing.  If your excuse for playing poorly or losing a game is the weather, you don't deserve to be playing in the game in the first place.

Further, we already moved the conference's headquarters from Kansas City to Dallas.  We now move the conference basketball tournament around even though it gets played in front of 15,000 empty seats when it's in Dallas.  I don't mind football being played two out of four years in Dallas or San Antonio, but let's try to remember that we're a conference and the North schools should get a shot at having the game in their backyard as often as the South gets it.  Kansas City is the location that makes the most sense, logistically, in the North.  St. Louis is only marginally a Big 12 town and doesn't seem to have any interest in hosting the title game anymore.  I don't know that Denver has ever expressed interest in hosting it.  Hell, Denver would be just as cold and snow-prone as KC.

I don't seem to remember hearing anyone complain about the weather during or after the thrilling Border War game played by Mizzou and KU this weekend at Arrowhead Stadium.  The temperature hovered just above freezing, and most of the game saw rain and snow fall with varying degrees of intensity.  The teams scored quite a few points and put on a good show for the fans.

Now, if your point is that it might make more sense to have the game in KC, but play it in the afternoon, I'm with you there.  I believe the Big 12 CCG has been played in the afternoon before.  But TV tends to be the entity that decides those things, not common sense.

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